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About us



Chroma Local Design Shop is a curated collection of many of Puerto Rico's talented designers and makers. The store is made up of different local brands ranging from jewelry, apparel, personal care products, home decor, art, among other things. Each brand has its own style and a different story to tell on their own.  

Chroma opened to the public in April 30, 2016 at The Mall of San Juan in Puerto Rico, in the form of a mall kiosk, with about 14 different brands. It had the purpose of placing the island's emerging designers and makers in the same range and in direct competition with the most commercial brands or most highly valued designers. In October 23, 2020, Chroma Local was able to open its very own store, which made it possible to incorporate even more local brands in its collection. Today Chroma has over 90 brands in its collection, and plans to keep growing.

The shop's mission is to promote local products as a regular and favorite option for everyday shoppers. 

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